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Ally, Accomplice, Advocate, and Activist: What's the Difference? - Gallery view
PhiAn Tran - they/she
Jimmy Patel-Nguyen
Jimmy Patel-Nguyen
Someone asked about disaggregated data, here is one example of a campaign to disaggregate AAPI admissions data in the University of California system and its impacts: https://www.ncore.ou.edu/media/filer_public/7a/94/7a9427a2-0430-433c-ba5a-54cd8a24ffcc/poon_et_at__count_me_in_.pdf
PhiAn Tran - they/she
That stigma is so strong, finding space to share and talk things out is so important!
PhiAn Tran - they/she
Not sure if attendees can see the typed answers to q&a, but here’s what I typed re: disaggregated data - in the context of data on Asian communities in the US, the data lumps all our communities into one monolith—it’s aggregated. But the reality is that Asian American communities are made up of many different experiences and situations. So when the data lumps us all together in a monolith it can paint an incorrect picture (Asians are all educated and all are well off, etc) and erase the struggles of other Asian communities that need support. Disaggregated data would further separate statistics based on ethnicity and paint a more accurate picture
PhiAn Tran - they/she